Quick Movie Review: The Salt of the Earth

Lori and I trekked to Berkeley to see this documentary on Sebastiano Salgado, famed Brazilian photographer. The black and white photography, of course, is amazing. Mindblowing even. What this trailer does not prepare you for is his work in documenting the human condition and, spoiler alert, the human condition is not good. His heartbreaking work in Rwanda and Ethiopa and the migration of refugees in Eastern Europe show a world that, from here, is hard to imagine. But people in those parts of the world can’t imagine anything else.

I highly recommend this documentary (done by Wim Wenders, known for Paris, Texas and Buena Vista Social Club). You can wait to see it on Netflix but seeing it on the big screen, images of 50,000 Brazilian coal miners come to life in a way they may not on your laptop or, worse, phone. What will come through on any device is the cautionary tale the 71 year-old artist conveys through his words which accompany the images.


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Brian Boyd has served in sales management and operational executive roles in Silicon Valley for over 25 years. His interests include the business life, wine and the wine business, music, film and social media.

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