Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine


Blue Jasmine sucked me in the first minute and didn’t let go of me until the last. I found it to be the best Woody Allen movie in a while and that says something because his recent efforts have been solid. I knew I wanted to see the film when I saw the trailer and my imagination ran wild when I saw the great cast that Allen assembled. Filmed largely in San Francisco which should be listed as a costar, I’m reminded of the interplay between New York and Los Angeles that Allen used so effectively in Annie Hall.

Cate Blanchett is crazy good as Jasmine but the surprise of the day is Andrew Dice Clay who absolutely nails it. Alec Baldwin’s deft interpretation of Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy was dead on. I was enjoying the movie so much that I was sad to see it end but Woody handled the ending beautifully. Blue Jasmine has so many layers. You can enjoy them all or just pick one or two. I’ll be watching it quite a few times.


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