Rush Limbaugh weighs in.

I realize that I’m going off-topic here by quite a stretch but this is my forum and I’ll use it how I see fit. I’m considering another blog concentrating solely on the internet, eLearning and the business of Silicon Valley. Please stay tuned on that. This blog will cover some other topics that may run far afield. This post is one of those.

Rush Limbaugh is a commentator and Noted Entertainer. He is a ‘political figure’ much like I am. He reads the paper and then comments on it. He has worked his way up from a PR flack for the Kansas City Royals baseball team to the host of his syndicated talk show. The difference between he and I is that I’ll collect two comments while he’ll collect a zillion dollars and the undying love and respect of the choir that he has been preaching to for all these many years.

The Noted Entertainer is upset at the First Lady, Michelle Obama. First Ladies always have a cause. It’s part of the gig. Mrs. Obama has selected childhood nutrition as her thing. She’d like the schools and other places that receive government funding to do a better job of serving whole foods: Unprocessed things like fruit and vegetables and meat that hasn’t been engineered into something that, with a tweak by a lab tech, could become a building product.

She has not suggested that kids eat nothing but nuts and berries. She has just asked that there be healthier options. As a father of kids who were 12 before they completely understood that Skittles aren’t fruit, I applaud her efforts.

The Noted Entertainer chided Mrs. Obama for ordering some chili short ribs, pickled pumpkin salad and kale. The ribs, of course, were the problem. I won’t bore you with the tirade which, in the Entertainer’s style, was exaggerated for effect, but he closed with this comment:

“I’m trying to say our first lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue or of a woman [Yankees star] Alex Rodriguez might date every six months, or what have you,” Limbaugh concluded.

So, according to this stellar physical specimen, women should be aiming to look like a swimsuit model or Cameron Diaz. Presumably, they should do this in order to please the Noted Entertainer and his ilk. And since Mrs. Obama is a healthy woman who does not starve herself to 110 pounds, she’s in no position be talking about nutrition or helping mold the minds and bodies of America’s youth. It also should not be lost in the discussion that there are billions of dollars on the table and multiple industries from make-up companies to drug companies to media and entertainment companies which depend on the concept of the ‘ideal woman’.

It’s tough to be a kid. But if you are a woman or a parent of a girl, you know it’s hard enough being a girl without the Noted Entertainer suggesting that a healthy woman like Michelle Obama is fat, dumb or doesn’t understand nutrition.

I’ve never found the guy to be anything but a dismissable creature of the cult of celebrity we favor. But there are people – parents –  who do listen to him. If being a girl means adding this to the slate of porn, MTV reality shows, InStyle magazine and everything else that gives them the impression they are not good enough, their day just got a little bit sadder. It may seem like a small thing but avalanches are built one snowflake at a time.


2 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh weighs in.

  1. Are you writing about the noted drug addict, Rush Limbaugh?

    His remarks are in phemominally bad taste but that’s what he gets paid for.

    He is one of the Untouchables. He has already done enough to make any sensible person run. But as a country we are not sensible anymore. We embrace the haters.

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